Experiential Marketing Trailers, B2B Marketing & COVID-19

Looking to the Future, as we are working through these very unusual and extremely difficult times, the realization is we will survive, changed, with a new set of what is normal.

But we will survive!

We have been supplying experiential marketing trailers, equipment and services to the industry for a lot of years, through hurricanes, tornadoes, floods etc., but never a pandemic, a first for us.  We are an asset based, fully licensed, insured, carrier, with the knowledge and capacities to help our clients get back to getting back to what they do best.

Portable Offices, Show Rooms, Demonstration Units, Mobile Marketing, or Experiential Face to Face Marketing, ExhibiTrailers can Help, it’s what we do.

Your Ideas, our Equipment and Services, Unstoppable Combination for putting your products and ideas in front of your customers!