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About ExhibiTrailers™

ExhibiTrailers™ is the leading provider in experiential marketing and event trailer, tours and equipment. We provide custom roadshow tour vehicles and exhibit trailers of all shapes and sizes for mobile marketing tours, road shows, trade shows, trade fairs and mobile expositions around the world.

ExhibiTrailers™ 40+ years of experience ensures the success of your marketing program. Based in Las Vegas, NV the “Exhibit Capitol of the World,” our innovative, energetic team of service professionals are ready to support your live brand experience and guerrilla marketing campaigns. We provide turn key solutions to facilitate tour planning, trailer design/construction, promotional vehicles, tour logistics, maintenance and marketing program management necessary to make your project a success.

ExhibiTrailers™ is a United States owned and operated company with worldwide resources, expertise and equipment to support your marketing projects in both the U.S. and around the world.We build strong relationships with our clients which enable us to serve as an industry leader in experiential marketing. ExhibiTrailers™ offers only the most high quality of choices from scores of designers and suppliers worldwide. This diversity allows ExhibiTrailers™ to provide customized solutions for each client’s specific challenges, target audiences and budgets.

As your complete mobile marketing solution, we pledge to exceed your business expectations. "Contact us" today to find out more about what we can offer you!