Turn to Us for Your Company’s Custom-Built Trailer Needs

Custom Mobile Exhibits

ExhibiTrailers™ specializes in designing custom mobile display and exhibit trailers to create a live brand experience. Throughout the years, many businesses have chosen us to meet their custom-built trailer needs. We offer a complete line of the largest non-expandable, single-expandable and double-expandable mobile marketing and event trailers in the industry. We provide your business with experiential environments or experiential event tours to reach your target audiences where they are.

Our mobile event trailers are customized to to meet the diverse needs of your specific event marketing goals. We provide truck, trailer and bus customization of all sizes. Our units are equipped with mobile broadband satellite internet services and multimedia and interactive technologies. We own all of our equipment and we seamlessly provide maintenance and service.

ExhibiTrailers™ offers only the highest quality of choices from scores of designers and suppliers worldwide. This diversity allows ExhibiTrailers™ to customize strategies for each client’s specific creative brand development and guerrilla marketing campaign challenges, target audiences and budgets.

The building of a complex custom mobile exhibit trailer or promotional vehicle is an intense process of communication, data gathering, study and the implementation of ideas, needs and budgets to fulfill the goals of each tour. ExhibiTrailers™ has the know-how and experience to build and manage your next custom exhibit trailer and make it easy for you.

We pride ourselves with the ability to provide rapid response to any request. Many of the best ideas have come from our clients. We listen to what you have to say. If you can think it, we can build it.