Let Our Seasoned Team Handle Your Mobile Marketing Tour


Mobile marketing tours provide an efficient way for you to increase exposure, introduce products/services and build better relationships with your customers. We oversee the design, production, logistics management and tour staffing to ensure that your marketing tour runs smoothly and efficiently.

Services Provided To Our Clients:

  • Truck, trailer and bus customization of all sizes
  • Expandable and non expandable units
  • Mobile broadband satellite internet services
  • Multimedia and interactive technologies
  • Skilled tour drivers and support teams
  • Ultra quiet movie studio quality generators
  • Consulting services for the mobile marketing environment
  • Long and short term leasing
  • Tour development and ongoing management
  • Project management and logistics
  • Target audience identification
  • Calendar scheduling/creation and ongoing development
  • Site coordinator guidelines and presenter guidelines
  • Site selection and inspection and permits
  • Motor vehicle regulation compliance
  • 24/7 contact and service
  • Total dedication to your project